Hello! I am Maylyn. I live in American Fork, Utah with my husband Cody and our 2 little boys. I enjoy being outdoors, running and I am passionate about helping children sleep!

I didn’t know anything about sleep training when I had my first child. I learned very quickly how essential sleep is for the success of the whole family. As I researched online and read books on my own, I found a lot of conflicting and confusing information. I have many friends and family members who have children who won’t sleep through the night for years, or who don’t have a good nap schedule. Some of these people feel that this is just the way their life has to be now that they are a parent. That’s not true! I became a certified Pediatric Sleep Consultant through The Family Sleep Institute so that I can help you see through all the conflicting information and be able to get more rest for your entire family. Let’s get you sleeping!

What I can help with:
  • Educating new and expecting parents about how to establish healthy sleep habits from the beginning

  • Working with children between the ages of 4 months-5 years to create a consistent sleep schedule

  • Helping coordinate the sleep schedules of multiples

  • Working through transitions such as dropping a nap or moving from a crib to a bed

  • Working with children with special needs

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